Saturday, July 8

Sunset Sounds

The Best Field Trip Ever
Tickets Coming Soon
Sunset Sounds


Once a year, we find a beautiful field outside of the city and turn it into a musical playground. Then, we fill busses with awesome people (like you) and take them to this field for the best day of the year. We call this day Sunset Sounds.

WHERE: Bellvale Farms and Creamery

WHEN: Saturday, July 8th



Filibuster's Resident DJs: The Senator, Vosters, Matty Bomatic

Offset Your Party Footprint

This year, every Filibuster NYC event is donating a percentage of proceeds to an organization that needs help right now. We’re using our events to literally Filibuster all sorts of bullshit. It’s a concept we call "Offset Your Party Footprint".