Saturday, July 8

Sunset Sounds

The Best Field Trip Ever
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We decided to fill some charter buses with friends and put a stage in a field.

It ended up being the best day of the year.

So we made it a tradition.

What Is Sunset Sounds?

Sunset Sounds is a day trip to a miniature music festival in the Hudson Valley.

We fill a field with living room furniture, yard games, various strange pieces of inflatable art, food, drinks, weird surprises, and the biggest speakers we can power. Then we fill charter buses with people and bring them to that field. The drinks are cheap, the air is fresh, and you can run in any direction as far as you want… as long as you’re back before we leave. Seriously, that’s happened. Anyway, you should probably just check out the pictures...

Sunset Sounds

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The Music

Filibuster's Resident DJs and musical guests never disappoint with their uplifting deep-tropical-latin-trap-house blends.




Matty Bomatic


Hudson Horns

Sunset Sounds

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The earlier you buy, the more you save. The tiers are all the same, except Tier 1 constituents get to select a bus to ride with their friends.

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Do you actually know the location?
Of course, but we like to keep an air of mystery. We can tell you it’s a different location than last year, it’s on a farm, and it’s totally something Bob Ross would want to paint

How Long Is The Day?
Buses leave around 3pm, getting you to Sunset Sounds right around 4:30. We load everyone back up around 10:15, which puts you back in the city just before midnight.

How do I get on a bus with my friends?
Option 1: For our first five buses you can choose which bus you’re on, so coordinate with your friends and pick a bus together.

Option 2: After the first 5 buses, we fill buses as tickets are purchased, so you could just all buy at one time and your chances are pretty good!

What should I bring?
Responsible items:
sunscreen, a water bottle, something to lay on the ground, sunglasses.

Good, but less critical items: Frisbees, other outdoor activities that aren’t frisbees.

What Should I Not Bring? Anything that could be used to hurt other people (read: weapons), negativity, judgement, aggression.

Yes. Food will also be for sale

Yes, in the field, but they can't ride on the you'll have to arrange your own transportation.

21+… this is one massive beer garden

This sounds great, are you the same people that did Fyre Festival?

Weather Policy?
As you can imagine, this event requires pretty good weather to achieve it’s potential. If we feel that it’s raining too hard to create the experience we promised, we’ll reschedule for July 22nd.