Saturday, August 19


River + Rafts + Music
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[Skwod-run] | noun

1. A naval unit consisting of a ton of ships.
2. Three hours of BYOB rafting followed by a riverside BBQ

Welcome aboard Squadron...

an idea so crazy it's been 3 years in the making. We're taking Filibuster further away from the city than we ever have, all the way to the closest (non-radioactive) floatable waterway: the mighty Delaware River. Once we're there, we'll embark on 3 hours of BYOB rafting on themed rafts, followed by a music filled riverside BBQ... all done the Filibuster way. 

This is our first time trying this, so we're keeping our max capacity VERY limited to ensure we do it right. 


WHERE: Delaware River

Saturday, August 19th



Roundtrip Charter Bus: $37 

Per Person Cost per raft: $36

Post Float Riverside Access: $20 

Event Logistics: $10

Offset Your Party Footprint, American Rivers: $7

Offset Your Party Footprint

This year, every Filibuster NYC event is donating a percentage of proceeds to an organization that needs help right now. We’re using our events to literally Filibuster all sorts of bullshit. It’s a concept we call "Offset Your Party Footprint". For Squadron, we're donating a portion of all tickets to American Rivers, a non-profit dedicated to protecting rivers and clean water sources. 

Questions you might have:

How many people does each raft hold? Each raft holds 8 people, we highly recommend organizing a group of 6-8 and coming up with an incredible theme.

When do the buses leave and get back? The buses will roll out around 10:30am, The float will begin around 1:30-2pm, Riverside BBQ from 5 - 8pm, Return to the city around 11pm.

What do I need to bring? You need to bring all your food and booze. We'll have grills running at the landing, but you'll need to bring any meats or veggies you want to grill. Anything you don't want to take down the river will stay safely locked away in the buses. We're working on possibly having some food for purchase on site, we'll keep you posted if that happens.

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