Sunday, May 21st

Mating Call

De-Hibernation Celebration
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Filibuster NYC's Mating Call @ The Well in Brooklyn, May 21st, 2017


Filibuster NYC’s season opener rewards you for meeting new people with discounted drinks (more on that below). We’ve got a custom menu from Nha Minh, serving up Banh Mhi Burgers and Poutine with Pho Gravy. Filibuster resident DJs Kafele, Matty Bomatic, The Senator, FLOTUS, Bobby Slay, and Vosters with the daytime disco vibes. Roaming animal inspired performers, 30 foot wingspans, cheap drinks... This is a celebration of NYC coming out of hibernation and back into the sun for music, food, and fresh air. Animal inspired costumes are welcomed, but not required.

WHERE: The Well, 272 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

WHEN: Sunday, May 21st from 2pm-10pm

PRICE: Tickets starting at $10

How It Works

How Filibuster Mating Call Works

Offset Your Party Footprint

10% of net profits go to Planned Parenthood

This year, every Filibuster NYC event is donating a percentage of proceeds to an organization that needs help right now. We’re using our events to literally Filibuster all sorts of bullshit. It’s a concept we call "Offset Your Party Footprint" and it starts on May 21st with our newest event, Mating Call, where we'll be donating 10% of net profits to Planned Parenthood.


Filibuster's Resident DJs: The Senator, Vosters, Matty Bomatic, MopTop, Kafele, FLOTUS

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