Brooklyn's Weekend Day Party Forecast


TLDR; This weekend's forecast is 65 w/ a 100% chance of vibez

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Spring has sprung fam, so start your engines (if you haven't already) and get out there. Seriously though, I started my summer buildup a few weeks ago and it was amazing. I spent four straight nights out on the town meeting new people, and none of us could could wipe the big ass smiles off our faces knowing the city's finest were all about to come out of hibernation and indulge in the most sacred spring activity... day drinking.

It all hits this weekend with rooftops and beergardens opening up around the city; so I'm proud to present you with this weekend's day drinking forecast™.

Brooklyn's Literal Weekend Weather Forecast

Brooklyn Day Party Forecast, May 20, 2017

As you'll see, Mother Earth is bringing the heat all week, and then cooling it down to the mid-sixties - the perfect weather for day drinking. Why? Because 80+ degrees = sweating your ass off. 70-80 degrees is nice until you start dancing and start sweating your ass off again. 60-70 degrees is the sweet spot. Because it's warm enough to show some skin during the day, then transition into that fresh spring jacket you just bought when the sun sets. Also, you won't break a sweat regardless of how involved your dance routine. #WERQ

What To Do In This Weekend aka Where To Day Party (in Brooklyn)

The following recommendations are where you'll find me this weekend. No bullshit, I practice what I preach people.

Tiki Disco Output Rooftop

Saturday, May 20th:
Tiki Disco @ Output

A spring/summer staple, Tiki Disco is the city's go-to for day parties. Consisting of Eli Escobar, Andy Pry, and Lloydski, these guys have been hosting parties and celebrating the sun since 2009.

After opening last weekend, they're doing a follow-up on Output's Roof this Saturday complete with spectacular views, serious sounds, and dancing in the air all day long!

Info + Tickets


Filibuster NYC @ The Well Brooklyn Day Party

Saturday, May 21st:
Filibuster's Mating Call @ The Well

Filibuster NYC is the new-er kid on the block when it comes NYC/Brooklyn Day Parties. Started in 2015, the Senator and his merry band of enablers (myself included) have been hosting some doozies - including a mini-festival field day situation in the Hudson Valley called Sunset Sounds. Spectacle aside, we believe in Offsetting Our Party Footprint, so a portion of proceeds from every event is donated to a charity in need.

This Sunday, Filibuster Season opens at The Well with Mating Call, which will come complete with roaming animal inspired performers, 30 foot wingspans, and cheap drinks. It's a celebration of NYC coming out of hibernation and back into the sun for music, food, and fresh air. And a portion of proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood, because read the news, you know why.

Info + Tickets

Bonus Non-Day Party

Friday, May 19th
Vosters + CFLO @ Southside

Tbh, this is just shameless self-promotion. DJ CFLO and I will be at Southside spinning open format. First 15 people to DM @filibusternyc on IG will be invited to join for bottle service at a private table with other tights.

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