Fyre-a-Buster VIP Package for Sunset Sounds


Every year, we hear people say "Hey Filibuster, I'm super rich, is there any way you can offer a ticket that's ridiculously glamorous and completely impossible to execute." We hear you, and we agree: live music is more about feeling cool than about, you know, music. So we teamed up with the folks at Fyre Festival to develop the "Fyre-a-Buster Package." It's SUPER real, totally legit, and includes:
  • Helicopter to Sunset Sounds (significantly faster than buses... so you'll be alone in the field for, like, an hour max)
  • Squiggly straws that reach all the way to the bar from anywhere on the field.
  • Private cabana with a Michelin rated chef making custom grilled cheeses inspired by your zodiac sign
  • Private concert with Arcade Fyre (may or may not be a cover band, tbd)
  • A treasure scavenger hunt that includes, but is not limited to: digging holes, interrogating Prince William, finding a secret cavern with Nicholas Cage, and a boxed lunch in case you get hungry.
Once again, this is super real. ALL of this can be yours for the totally reasonable price of $900,000, which is basically a groupon for all of this awesomeness.

(Disclaimer: Fyre-a-Buster Package is definitely not real. Filibuster believes in equality, community, and how music fuels both. Live music shouldn't be used to make people feel bigger or smaller than anyone else, which is why you'll never see a VIP ticket at a Filibuster event)

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