10 Reasons You Need To Day Party At Mating Call This Sunday


You smell that? That's the sweet scent of Filibuster Season, which begins this Sunday. In case you + squad needs convincing, here's a few reasons you need to come celebrate...

1) You deserve it. You're a star.

2) You're day drinking for charity. In an effort to Offset Our Party Footprint, a portion of proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

3) Nha Minh will be serving up Banh Mhi Burgers and Poutine with Pho Gravy. Click here for food porn ›

4) No good story ever started with "OMG so I got to work on time on Monday".

5) Filibuster resident DJs Kafele, Matty Bomatic, The Senator, FLOTUS, Bobby Slay, and Vosters with the daytime disco vibes. Listen to some of their past work here ›

6) You've been waiting for an excuse to wear that leopard bodysuit you bought drunk thrifting a while back.

7) Have you been to The Well? It's literally the greatest place ever.

8) Because we'd never steer you wrong.

9) This video...

10) To meet all the amazing people that you're going to spend the day with at Filibuster's 3rd Annual Sunset Sounds.

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